June 27, 2016

Mark Mulville: Hot, Hot, Hot.

Even though it’s been extremely hot, June has been pretty amazing!
It started out doing some really fun school demos with The “Bmx
TrickStars” around Florida. Luckily one of the shows was covered by
this blue tarp sort of thing, making it not AS hot.. Then I took a
trip up to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. It was a short, but
pretty epic trip. Explored some waterfalls, seen amazing scenery, went
to a close friends wedding, and hung out with some wild black bears!
Besides mountains and school demos, I was lucky enough to watch two
different rockets launch into space, right from home. That’s a viewing
I’m pretty sure will never get old of seeing.

Thanks to a good start of summer,

Mark M.

June 27, 2016


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