March 6, 2013

Midwest Report from Matt

The Midwest has an incredibly strong scene. A ton of riders putting foot to pedal, and unfortunately, a brutal winter that sends people to the shelter of their local skateparks.
We wanted to celebrate those local parks offering somewhere to shred during winter against the brutal cold, the heavy snows (which we are experiencing now, stuck here, trying to get flights back to Profile).
Although we did stay in Milwaukee most of the time (Four Seasons and Rays Milwaukee being two of the greatest BMX parks in the Midwest), we were able to travel out to Minnesota as well to hit up Bluff Valley.
Thanks again to everyone involved. To those who came out for a session, for those who helped organize, and to Mike Hinkens and Greg Dickson for driving us out of town.
Here’s a couple photos we collected from the trip… Thanks for the support, and please support your local skate/bike park!

Jeff Klugiewicz. Crank arm grind at Four Seasons.

Mulville. Deathly tire slide at Bluff Valley.

Greg Dickson. Part time driver. Part time photographer. Full time shredder of style.

Chase Pauza. Bar fakie at Four Seasons. Thanks for the support!

JJ Flaherty. Seat grab can.

Matt Coplon. Rhythm and blues.

Mulville. Well past kicked out.

Cody Belcher. We made him do this a half dozen times before we snapped it. Thanks for the support Cody.

Mulville. Up in it. Bluff Valley, step up.

March 6, 2013


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