May 13, 2013

Mike Meister: 2 weeks in the desert

Two weeks of explorations in the desert.

Mesa verde, Cedar Mesa, Canyonlands National Park, Moab, UT. and SLC. These where the places that we hit over the course of our two week sojourn. Cedar Mesa in Southern Utah, has the highest concentration of Indian Ruins in the world. Every Canyon has ruins, granaries, kivas, cave paintings and petroglyphs. Some still remarkably intact. We spent 3 days in Cedar Mesa going out everyday for a hike into the labyrinthine canyons in search of ruins. While we were waiting for our permits at the Ranger Station, we ran into a really nice fellow named Earl, who we would end up sharing a campsite with. Earl was nice enough to cook us dinner and breakfast everyday that we hung out and seemed to really appreciate that “us” young people were getting out to see nature.

After that we headed north to Canyonlands and spent a few days hiking in and around the Needles district of the park. Saw some amazing petroglyph sites and paintings on walls. Did an overnight in Chesler park. We caught a really lucky break because the weather, although sunny was sixty degrees outside, which made for perfect backpacking weather. We slept out under the stars and the Next morning we left for Moab, UT.

This is my first time being in Moab, but I can see myself going back. Again we went out and saw some rock art, dinosaur tracks up above the Colorado River and managed to hike up and watch some of Jeff’s Longtime friends tie the knot underneath one of Utah’s many arches. Once the wedding ended we left for Horseshoe Canyon to see the Great Gallery. Which is the most amazing thing I think I have ever seen. Not to mention the creepiest.

First off to get to the Canyon, you must drive down a dirt road for about 40 miles (depending on which you head in, as we chose to head south from Green River UT.) After spending a night on an exposed cliff over looking the canyon we woke up bright and early to see the sights before the heat set in. Lucky for us, the weather remained cool and we did meet some really nice couple from CA that just finished floating down the Green River and Managed to get engaged. Utah must be taking over for Virginia as the place for lovers, I’m not sure though.

Then after that straight up to SLC and Layton UT to see Matt Beringer. Matt is selling his house and he let us cruise up and hang out for a few days. Our buddy Brian took us to an incredible pool by his house, pressed right up against the mountains. After cleaning it out we managed to ride it for an hour or so befre the weather changed from Sunny to Rainy.

After spending a few days riding around Layton we dropped into SLC and stayed with Tate Roskelley. He has a sweet house downtown and is a great host and a great dude. After a day or two at Tate’s, it was time to pack it up and head home. I had a great time and it was sad to see it end, because there is always something else out there to be seen. But that is just motivating enough to start saving for next years trip.

Thanks to Matt Coplon and Profile Racing, Matt Beringer for the couch space, Brian Miller, Tate Roskelly Jeff Brown for Driving his truck and shooting some photos of our adventure. And a shout out to all the SLC and St George dudes that rode with us and were kewl.

May 13, 2013


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