April 11, 2013

Mike Meister: Back in the C.O.

I just put on some new crank arms. Black, no boss 165 mm. These are the best arms I have had. My bike feels incredible and I have never been more psyched on how my bike feels and rides. Thanks for the help and support Profile!

Second photo is of some buttons. Trying to rep TBR way out west, “Where the Wind Blows Tall.”

Third sequence is of a cellar door with a really tough run up. A tree, a port-o-shitter, a sign, a stairwell and various parked cars. What is happening is/was a good idea in theory. I was largely unsuccessful to say the least. It was a fun day though.

Lastly. I was told by somebody the other day that I dress like the unabomber Ted Kaczynski so I went ahead and bought some shades to perpetuate that. You be the Judge……And lastly as you can see from the mess behind me, I have been helping to remodel a house with my buddy Jeff who just turned 40!!! Happy Birthday Old Guy!

April 11, 2013


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