July 11, 2014

Mike Meister: Mountain Sojourn

Jessica and I went up to Winter Park CO to ride the skatepark recently. That place is awesome, the scenery is beautiful and it is a relatively short drive from Denver.

I had been hankering to get my motorcycle up into the mountains for a skatepark session to enjoy the cooler temps, and Jessica was nice enough to accompany me in her car with our dogs London and Sprocket in tow as well.

The day was short but really fun. On the way back it started to rain and I was delayed in route for a little bit as I didn’t bring any rain gear with me and ended up falling asleep waiting for the storm to pass. My resting place happened to be in some guys stairwell which led to his home and when he found out why I was hanging out he gave me a pat on the shoulder and said “stay dry”. The kindness of Strangers.

I like this photo cause it reminds me of that Mat Hoffman poster where he is blasting that 20+ft quarter pipe.

Mike on Berthoud Pass heading to Winter Park

Profile Racing Elite Cranks shirt

Photo Credit-Jessica Ausec

July 11, 2014


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