May 15, 2012

Mike Meister NorCal Trip Part 2

Layton Utah. It was hard to leave Matt’s house in the morning. Every other time that I had been there before, I had the urge to set up a tent under the trees in his backyard and camp out forever. However, since my arm was out of commission it was better to keep heading west.

SLC to Lake Tahoe is a long haul. Nevada itself seems like an incredibly long state anyway. But again, you are lucky enough to be driving through another mountainous state. I am not sure what it is about the mountains but I love em. Even though I am from Colorado, I just really enjoy seeing new mountain ranges. And If I remember right, Nevada has the most mountain ranges of any in the Western United States. Over 100 if my memory works like I hope it does.

I have gone on many trips with John over the years; from sleeping out on top mini-ramps in Fort Collins in the dead of winter, searching out hot springs after dark in the mountains above Steamboat, CO. or cruising through the alleyways of Denver, John has been by my side. I am always amazed at his way of thinking and I am humbled by his generosity. He is truly a great human being and he has the best sense of humor of anyone that I know. Not to mention that he is one of the best and most underrated bike riders in the state of Colorado. But every time I go on the road or anywhere with him, I seem to learn something new. As I said earlier Nevada is a long state so John and I did a lot of talking, a lot more laughing and listened to a lot of music. What better way to pass the time, than with your best bud? After what seemed like an eternity we crossed Nevada and were fortunate enough to gaze upon Lake Tahoe before the clouds covered the sun and shrouded the mountains in darkness. I will say, If you have never been, go. It is AMAZING. From there we headed to my moms house in Valley Springs, CA. It was a long day and it felt good to see my mom and rest.

The next few days seemed like a whirlwind. Since my wrist was in constant pain and keeping me off the bike, I was able to visit with my mom which was nice cause she and I live in two different states. I was also able to Visit Aaron Huff at Solid Bikes. Always great to see that dude and it was especially nice cause we showed up at lunch and they happened to be grilling up some food. After a tour of Solid’s facilities and some chatting John and I left to cruise some spots. Which really consisted of John shredding and me watching.

In the following days, we were able to make it to downtown Sac and ride with Aaron, Solid welder Jase and Solid shredder Tanner E. what a great time! Downtown Sacramento is the perfect place to just cruise and take in the sights. Lots of awesome trees and sweet spots to boot.

Unfortunately, every trip comes down to a “going home” part. But we weren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet, so we decided to go and see Yosemite National Park on the way back. It added an extra 6 or so hours to the drive home, but it was well worth it.

Thanks for reading!

Now get out there and see some of the country!

– Mike Meister

May 15, 2012


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