September 4, 2012

Mike Saavedra in Europe.

Saavedra has been bouncing between Spain and France for the Van’s Kill the
line jam.

Here’s some pics and a little re-cap. Thanks to Mike for years of

The amount of history is this city is unbelievable.

It’s amazing to think that a bike can take you around the world. This Ace de
Triomphe near the center of BCN

One of the best swimming holes I think I have ever been to. So many caves to
explore and the water was perfect. Plus it’s where the rebel jam will be in
October. Would be so nice to make it back.

Too many good memory’s from this place.

This place was a real treat. It was the first bowl ever built in Spain in
the 70s It was filled in some years later by the government due to people
getting hurt. Lucky for us a few very determined skaters moved close to 500
yards of dirt by hand. And uncovered this bowl. While it wasn’t the easiest
thing in the world to ride it was still a lot of fun. Now let’s just hope
they dig out the rest of the place!

September 4, 2012


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