March 29, 2013

Mike Saavedra News Re-cap

So the month of March started out rad. When a photo from the Vans kill the line contest popped up in Probmxmag a Russian magazine follow them on ig @probmxmag

Then I took a trip down to Phoenix Arizona for the Thomas Hancock jam. I got to see all of heads I hadn’t seen in a minute. It’s always a pleasure riding with old friends.

Rite after the jam I was on my way back to Cali to catch up with some the fence guys from the Peynier trails. Super good guys. Came half way across the world and weren’t to good to help me shovel! Dudes like that are what keep BMX alive! After the trails we made our way up to the battle blow for a quick sunset session! Thanks to Bere Flex for the great photos of the session!

Somehow I ended up on the web zine cover of ART BMX. Follow them on ig @artbmxmag

Here’s good t bog that Bere shot of Justin Henninger.

So after everything settled back down it was time to go back to work. The trails hadn’t had much love and with spring in full bloom it was time to get started on some projects.

This was out first attempt at making Oak tree clones but fingered we’d give it a shot! Hope to have more oaks then we know what to do with soon….

Spring in full affect out here in Cali !

Best right ever 🙂

Thanks for the read!


March 29, 2013


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