August 19, 2015

Milwaukee Iphone edit contest with Grant Castelluzzo and Jeff Klugiewicz.

Mike Hinkens is always throwing events to get the Milwaukee scene together, in the past one of these events has been a video jam but since not everyone has a camera he thought it would be more fair and fun if we all just used our phones. The concept was easy, get your friends together and film for a week straight and edit a video out of whatever you filmed to be shown at a premier. This is our video from the jam and I am incredibly proud of the whole crew for going in almost every day and somehow not breaking any of our phones from filming, despite knocking one out of the handle and smashing one into some bricks. At one point I am pretty sure we forgot we were filming on phones and we just proceeded to ride like we would if we were using regular cameras. I hope that crews realize you don’t need to have fancy camera to document what you are doing. In fact we all spent years of our lives documenting things on cameras far less powerful than our phones. Just remember to bring portable chargers!

The crew: August Zeratsky, Brandon Hoerres, Grant Castelluzzo, Jeff Klugiewicz, Mike Hinkens and Nate Depagter

August 19, 2015


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