December 4, 2013

Mr. B’s 4 Year Bash

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With over 350 people attending Mr. B’s 4 year anniversary I would say it was incredible for everyone who hung out to ride, relax, eat, drink, film, take pics, and support the local scene here. Even Longwood’s finest stopped by due to a complaint call, they didn’t want to shut it down and they had to stop by and see what was going on, so thanks for being understanding that we are doing cool things and people are taking notice. With no indoor places to ride its up to us to make what we have better and DIY events and get everyone to help out and keep the scene going strong. Couldn’t have been done without these sponsors: Deco BMX, GGSB, Red Bull, Shadow, Subrosa, PowerBar, Profile Racing, Markit Skateboards, Duvin Design, Vendetta grip tape, Space Station, Fit, S&M, Kink, Animal, Hurricane Wings. Thank you so much each and everyone that helped out, drove here, flew in, picked up trash, pushed some to do a trick, smiled, laughed, cooked, and gave a sh*t about what we do and our scene. -Chad D

December 4, 2013


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