November 8, 2012



Neither a boy or a girl…perhaps a girl-boy hybrid.

Either a boy who looks like a girl, or a girl who looks like a boy. The difference is often very hard to tell.

Taken from the root of “muchacho” and “muchacha.”
Well he’s a muchach…..muchach……she’s a muchach.

Attached are some photos of a hike I took up to the Devil’s Head Fire Lookout in The Pike National Forest, in Beautiful Colorado! From Some of the info I gathered it is the only working fire lookout in the area. It has some Incredible views in every direction for about 100 miles! Also, there is a legend that somewhere in the past a train that was transporting a load of gold was robbed and the gold was hidden in the Pike National Forest that has yet to be found. Supposedly, there was a knife that had been stuck into the trunk of a tree that marks the spot in which the gold was hidden. But a forest fire has since swept through the area and new tree growth may have made it so that the gold will be impossible to find ever again.Neat!

-Mike Meister

November 8, 2012


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