August 16, 2016

Mulville and the second largest lake in California.

Week 1 of August was a week well spent!
I had the privilege of hanging out at Woodward Tahoe for the last week
of camp, and it was nothing but amazing!
Each day was filled with Bmx, mini adventures, and tons of laughs with
campers and staff!
My favorite parts of each day were the big groups of kids we would
have ripping the trails! There were some sessions that almost every
Bmx camper was on the dirt, and that was a rare sight to see these
It was also pretty awesome helping kids through the trails for their
first times, and watching them learn new moves. Such a good feeling!
The Tahoe area is such a beautiful place as well. Any free chance I
had, I spent exploring the area. On my last day at camp, I took a 4
hour hike up into the mountains, heading toward castle peak. It was so
pretty and peaceful, with no one around for miles.
From the Bmx, to the laughs, to the natural beauty that the area
holds, this was an amazing adventure.

Thanks, Woodward Tahoe for the good times.

Mark M.

August 16, 2016


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