August 26, 2014

Mulville and the Van’s Invitational.

Once I got the invite again for the VA beach Vans invitational contest, I decided it would make for a fun road trip up….so I packed the car up and made a makeshift bed and off I was on my 13 hour journey north.
Once I got to the beach I went straight to the Williams farm skatepark, which I had a blast at.
The park was unique for sure with odd trannies and weird setups but that all made for an amazing time for sure.
From there I took off 20 minutes to the ocean front where the contest was being held.
Had a few minor set backs with a slight back injury, but with the help of trish bare and her team of athletic trainers they got me on the bike and able to cruise at least enough to compete and ride!
With the pain, I still had a blast and am thankful for the invite and for profile making sure I made it to the event! Thanks to crandall for shooting the some photos during practice.

The road trip machine

Tbog on a giant bank at Williams ford

Airing a little quarter at WF

Nac nac shot by Crandall

Superman shot by Crandall just shy of the snap.

August 26, 2014


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