November 25, 2019

Mulville: Back in the Game.

October wasn’t exactly my best month… I ended up taking a digger at the trails and fractured my wrist. We had a little crew together working on getting the mid line rolling after lots of rain. After we finally had them ready to go, I took my first run through and hit a soft spot before the first lip and barely made it over, cased the second and bailed on the third which is what took me out after a solid tuck and roll.

Mark and Dylan Kakowski

I spent the better part of October just wishing I could cruise, but it was several weeks until my wrist even allowed for some light riding. I ended up getting a few chill sessions in at some of the local parks, just to ease the wrist back into play.
My wrist is currently at probably 85% which seems good enough to me!
Included are some snaps from some recent chill sessions as well as one of my bud Dylan and I at the trails, the day I went down. Oh and I threw in some Bald Eagles I photographed in October as well.
–Mark Mulville

November 25, 2019


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