October 16, 2015

Mulville: Cali. Bound and Hardly Down.

Another profile trip goes down in the books as own of the greats!
Just did our yearly SoCal shop stop / riding trip and it was a treat indeed.
Got to visit some amazing shops, ride some spots I thought I’d only
see in videos and met up with some of the coolest people in Bmx.
The highlight was for sure venturing far out into the California
desert to ride the famous Nude Bowl. When we showed up, it was like we
stepped back into the late 80s / early 90s.
Bunch of badass skaters blasting punk rock and ripping a bowl. It was
such a good experience and amazing time to be a part of.
Besides that, every day was an adventure!
We based our stay with Jared Eberwein and mainly did day trips out and
about and all around SoCal, each day meeting up with more rad people
and at more unreal spots.
I can’t thank Profile / Matt Coplon and all the locals and friends
that showed us around and experienced the good times with us.
Thanks again.

-Mark M.

October 16, 2015


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