April 24, 2014

Mulville: Colombia Extended Stay, Part 2

The first event I attended in Colombia was a big redbull sponsored dirt contest in Tuluá, Colombia.
This is where I got my first impression of the dirt riders in Colombia and what was to come for the following events. Even though I was the new guy in town, and a gringo, I felt at home right away. This contest had about 40-50 riders competing and 100’s of spectators cheering on everything from a moto whip to a 360 double whip. Definite a great time.

From the contest, I hopped back in with Alejandro Caro and Adela to head back to Alejandro’s farm about an hour away.
The ride to and from the farm is beautiful…with mountains, valleys, rivers and lush greens everywhere. But my favorite is the farm itself!
It sits on a nice hillside covered in coffee, plantains, bananas, fresh greens and much more, with the house and storages sat at the bottom of the hill.
With staying at the farm also came fresh picked meals prepared by Adela.
I will say this over and ever:
Colombia is amazing and beautiful and full of great people!

Thank you again Alejandro Caro, Adela and Alejandro’s family!
You all contributed to one of the best trips I’ve been on

Only a small portion of the crowd in Tuluá

River/mountain view

kick out seat grab in Tuluá. – shot by Hans Ching

kick out. – shot by David Monroy

chilling with the local policia

April 24, 2014


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