February 16, 2016

Mulville: Demo Days.

I was lucky enough recently to get a couple more Bmx demo gigs in,
thanks to Rob Nollie and the Bmx Trickstars. My all time favorites are
the school shows. It’s just awesome to see how excited the kids are to
have you there, as well as the positive messages that we spread to
them. Hopefully at least one kid from each demo picks up a Bmx bike.
We ended up doing two schools these past couple days, as well as the
Monster Jam – monster trucks show in Tampa. That is usually a super
fun time as well, except this one was raining the entire time. A few
of us still ended up doing the show…in the rain, but we made it work
and had a great time either way.
I wanna say thanks to thanks to Monster Jam, risen Bmx, division Bmx
and Bmx trick stars for the rainy good times. Also, thanks to Rob
Nollie for including me in the awesome and exciting school shows.

Monster jam shots taken by: Dave Ingram
School shots taken by: Rob Nollie


Mark Mulville

February 16, 2016


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