September 21, 2015

Mulville: FALLing into it.

When the weather finally cooperates, and you have almost a full day of freedom and no responsibility, Take advantage!
I woke up Saturday morning and looked outside to a perfect day, so I got right on it. I hit up a few super fun banked spots about 10 minutes from home that are typically a bust, but i figured I’d try my luck anyway. The first bank spot of the day is about 4 or so feet wide and tucked back behind a shed next to a golf course. It’s got a bump at the bottom and top that feels super fun for popping little airs off of. Rode there for about an hour and the only interaction I had from anyone, was an older local resident who was texting out his new moped.
The next bank spot was about a 5 minute pedal up the road and is the entrance to a wealthy beachside neighborhood. Depending on what I did and where, I felt like I would almost get lost in all of the flowers and palms that hung around certain spots of the wall.
I’ve stopped at this second spot a couple times, but was kicked out before even touching the wall.. This time, I had one lady stop (which I thought was gonna give the boot) and give me a thumbs up after she watched me for about 30 seconds.
After about 3 hours on the bike in the beating sun, i drove about 10 more minutes to a local lake, which is known to be heavily populated with alligators. I’ve been there before and seen a lot of gators, but on this visit, I only saw two babies. One of which was about 2 feet long and the other was just over a foot long maybe.

All in all it was a good Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida.


September 21, 2015


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