April 22, 2016

Mulville. Florida. Spring.

By this time of year in Florida, it can be pretty heated up already. We’ve been super lucky to have cool nights, and semi warm days lately, making riding that much better.
I spent my last few weeks pretty typical to my standards…. Bmx, adventure, surf, demos, ect.
One of the main instances that stands out, was RV camping for 4 days, while doing Bmx Trickstars demos at the Levy county fair. We spent our days riding bikes, cooking out on the grill, chatting about random nothing’s and just having fun.
Some other highlights were:
Riding Trey Jones house for a solid few hours, with him and his brother Jabe. Just simply fun. No trying to outdo each other, no bullshit, just good fun cruising with friends.
Also, any day in the woods, is a good day. I met up with some Matt Coplon and Jared Eberwein at the grapefruit trails, to film and shoot for a Dig Bmx / Profile piece were doing.
All in all, things have been pretty good!
Get out and ride!
 – Mark M.

April 22, 2016


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