November 28, 2014

Mulville: Going on year 15.

Photo by Nick Steben
Jeff Harrington and I met Mark Mulville round about 1998. He used to show up at our local park (Central skatepark), riding a bright yellow standard. His energy was hard to interpret: you could barely make conversation with him before he was in the park having an 8 hour, all day session.

And Mark was real good then too. He kind of made all of us older guys jealous with his wild box jump combos. Jeff (Profile TM from 98′ to 00′) hooked him up through Profile in 2000. Gave him some cranks, a stem, and a sprocket. And he continued to shred on his own, absolutely wild riding schedule.

One night, I joined Vic Bettencourt (Circuit Bmx) and Mulville to a post session dinner at a local Thai restaurant. Mulville was 16 then. I don’t think he ever had Thai before, I’d always see him eating Pizza and drinking a Mountain Dew rip off called “Mountain Holler.”
We ate, chatted, and about half way through the meal I realized that Mark’s social awkwardness at the park was purely out of the uncontrollable desire to ride. I also found out soon after, that he might be one of the most humorous persons I know: His uncontrollable energy feeds into an undying sense of humor. It was pretty contagious that night, and has continued to be for the last 15 years.

So, here we are, on the cusp of breaking into 2015. Mulville has been, besides one of our longest standing Pro Riders, an integral part of our social media. It made sense to move forward and bring him on full time here in the office. And as of December 10th, he’ll be filling one of the chairs here in the shop, and from his computer, will help spread, to you, on a daily basis, what exactly we do here in the Profile Racing factory.

We’re thankful for his dedication and loyalty for so many years.

Welcome aboard Mark….literally.

To celebrate Mark’s coming aboard, we’re releasing this line of Natural Camo today.
Available in Mini Hubs (RHD and LHD), Elite Hubs (RHD Only), Mulville Push Stems, and spline drive sprockets in 19mm and 22mm.
Contact your local bike shop for availability.

Thanks to everyone for years of support.

-Matt Coplon

November 28, 2014


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