October 2, 2015

Mulville: Goodbye St. Pete Pier.

My buddy Andy Barber hit me up yesterday (Thursday Spt.25) to just have a pedal around downtown St. Pete for a few hours in the evening, just to be a little active.
We ended up just rolling around to town with no destination in mind, but as we did, Andy would just call random things for me to do along the way, while he snapped some photos of the doings.

While on on our little downtown adventure, we also stopped by the famous St Petersburg Pier, which is currently being torn down to build a new one.
Because of the removal of this landmark, we decided to try and get it in the background of some photos we shot together.

Thanks to Florida for a beautiful evening yesterday and thanks to Andy for the good pal company and snapping a bunch of fun photos.
Also, shout out to Kemper Pheil for meeting up with us while shooting the Palm Tree fakie with the Pier in the background.
Great times.

– Mark Mulville

October 2, 2015


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