April 10, 2014

Mulville in Albuquerque

Another success at good times on the Subrosa Albuquerque, New Mexico team trip!
ABQ had way too many good spots that it would take you weeks and weeks to hit even half of them….
We rode crazy ditches, parks and loads of wild street set ups.
Riding wise, my trip was short since I fell the first day and couldn’t ride for like 5 days… But even riding only half the trip I still got to cruise so many amazing things!
Besides riding, we took a trip up in the mountains to the hot springs in jemez Indian reservation. It was super cool because on the climb up to the springs, it started snowing, so we were definitely looking forward to heating up in the hot water.
Over all (even with getting hurt) it was such a rad time!
Here’s a few photos from various people during the good times.

My house – Kyle hart

Mountain view hip tuck – Johnny ice

Full pip carve photo – Austin bonner

Sunset silhouette – Wes McGrath

Look back double ditch – Kyle hart

Team shot – Ryan Sher

Ditch wall ride – Kyle hart

Mountain ride view – hoang tran

Heading to the hot springs after a snow storm- Hoang Tran

April 10, 2014


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