May 30, 2017

Mulville in May

May is almost over, and it’s been another good one.

Besides the lack of rain (which we need), it’s been a perfect high 70’s to low 80’s almost every day, and low humidity. Add in blue skies and a nice ocean breeze, and that’s been pretty much this whole month of May.
Here on Florida’s space coast, we’ve been lucky enough to have another park reopen for bikes, and it’s a fun one. Satellite Beach revised their park a while ago and are now open to the public. Bike nights are Tuesday night from 6-9. Be sure to hit that up if you’re in the area.
I have also been waking up early to catch some sunrise hikes in the woods. My main focus has been to find Bobcats and Coyotes, but I’ve mainly just come across more alligators, some boar, and tons of cool birds…also can’t forget the unbelievable sunrises through the trees! It’s been pretty incredible to say the least. 
IMG_5846 BBF3EBFB-C855-4DC9-BC19-90FBB18FDB90 IMG_6065
We’ve also been lucky enough here to have some fun little waves roll through, as well as another rocket launch! The launches never get old. Just something about seeing a rocket right in front me, launch into space.. it’s a wild sight, and I am thankful to live next to this common occurrence.

All in all, May was another good one.

Thanks Florida, and thanks Profile for always being there for me.

-Mark Mulville


May 30, 2017


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