July 31, 2013

Mulville in Pittsburgh

With a almost completely stacked summer, I didn’t think I’d be able to make it back up to Pittsburgh at all this year.

So once I found a random free week in the middle of everything, Me and my lady took a quick week trip up.

The trip for me was to Ride some, Hang out with my Pittsburgh buddies and see the lady’s family!
I got to ride my old local Park and BMX track (South Park BMX) twice which was amazing and got a chance to cruise downtown for a bit as well. One of my highlights as far as riding goes though was getting to ride the new indoor bike park called The Wheel Mill! That place was so much fun.

Thanks to Eric from KDM and the Halahan family for photos and good times and thanks to Courters as well for snapping some of these shots.

Always a good time in Pittsburgh, PA.

Mark Mulville

July 31, 2013


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