May 30, 2014

Mulville: Not a long enough weekend in PR

If you want an amazing location, easy for Americans and passports unnecessary, then Puerto Rico is your place!
PR is full of beautiful beaches and scenery, as well as amazing riding spots everywhere!
From parks to streets to random DIY spots, you can find it all.
My girlfriend and I just took a vacation trip/bmx trip there to stay with Carlos Santori for 5 days.
The trip was an ultimate success with exploring, surfing, riding and more…
Here’s the 1st update of two that I’ll be showing of this amazing trip!

Courters and I at one of the two waterfalls we hiked. Thanks Vladimir and cristian for the sites.
Shot by victor

Part of the old San Juan city wall, just outside of a Spanish fortress which was all built around 500 years ago. Shot by Courters

One foot table on an amazing hip we stumbled upon during a cruise through old town.
Shot by Courters.

Table out of an awesome DIY style spot at a local surf shop in San Juan, PR. Such a wild and tight tranny here at Tres palmes. Shot by Carlos

Random shot chilling along the side of one of the craziest, coolest and hardest bowls to ride.
Shot by Carlos

May 30, 2014


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