May 1, 2018

Mulville on Florida.

Part of the reason I love Florida so much, is the weather. It’s basically spring for 9 months, and summer for 3, which I can totally handle (with a few complaints).. The weather this entire month has been spot on! We’ve had some rain, which we need, but mainly just 75 degrees and a sunny here at the beach!
With the good weather, comes the good outdoor activities! I’ve been lucky enough once again to experience so much in one month, that it’s crazy!
April has involved some solid Bmx sessions, super fun surf sessions, adventures with alligators and multiple rocket launches!
I watched 3 rockets launch this month, and one of them came back from space and landed on a drone ship in the ocean, before making its way into the port. It just sat there for several days, right in front of me! It’s always such an incredible sight!
Per usual, I have to go find alligators! They are one animal that I never get over seeing! I’ve spent so much time with gators, that I feel comfortable with them! They are such beautiful  and peaceful creatures, very calm until you screw with them.
My favorite activities this month have definitely been bikes and surf! The waves have been so fun lately! Not big, just good!
The Bmx sessions have been the same! Just all around good times! Lots of jibbing and cruising around the parks, but I was also able to meet up with Jared Eberwein, Ricky Moseley, Luke Porzio and Matt Coplon during the Profile Crete trip!
I gotta thank Mother Nature, Profile, SpaceX, friends & family and alligators for making this another epic month!
Mark M.

May 1, 2018


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