May 28, 2015

Mulville on Memorial Day

I made sure to spend this Memorial Day weekend the right way….On my bike (almost the whole time)!
I started it off Friday, heading 45 minutes away to my old hometown and to the Middle School (Bayonet Point Middle School) I attended 17 years ago, to do bmx shows with Jon Dowker, Kyle Kelsey and the Freestyle Connection.
The shows went super awesome and kids were extremely stoked to be there. It was cool because the kids who were allowed to attend the show, were kids who had perfect attendance and no referrals the whole school year.. Being a positive person pays off!

The next day (Saturday) was one for the books! I went out riding with Matt Coplon for at least 8 hours to help him film for his 38th birthday edit all around Tampa!
Matt killed it at every spot the entire day! It was awesome to be there riding with him and witness/film the goodies go down!
During our session, we stopped at a staple Tampa street spot where this little kid in flip flops came over and asked me to jump my bike off the carved out dirt jump in the hill… I gave it to him expecting to see nothing but a fall, but the kid launched it with some actual style and control! It was super awesome! Hopefully he gets a bmx for himself now.

Sunday was a little more relaxed, with a local morning cruise around town and then ending up at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, Which I didn’t even know existed. It was pretty cool hiking and checking out alligators and other wildlife while looking off and seeing Downtown St Pete in the background. Somehow always finding new places to enjoy and explore in this area!

Monday was the most relaxed of all the days for sure! your typical Memorial Day festivities: BBQ, Beach, Friends and fun!

Thanks for everyone involved in my weekend adventures and happy birthday to long time friend/co worker Matt Coplon

Mark M.

May 28, 2015


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