January 4, 2018

Mulville: Out with the old, in with the…

Not much is different from this month and last month, or even the month before that….besides maybe wearing pants a little more often and the occasional hoodie!
So far, the month of December has been working out great. The temperatures dropped a bit from last month, which is never a bad thing, since dropping means highs in the 60’s-70’s and lows in the 40’s-50’s!  It’s pretyy much perfect for the time being.
unnamed-1   unnamed-2
Besides getting a lot of work done, I’ve also squeezed in times for my usual activities, such as:
Surfing, Adventures, and of course, Bmx! I have been able to make a few recent trips into the woods to help out a bit and also ride some new stuff in! I must say, GFT is at an all time high for this season, and much of that is because the man: Shawn Bilsend. That dudes kills it out there, and also thanks to him for my 1 footed table photo posted here!
There are times for sure lately when I only have a limited time to hop on the bike and cruise, so I just stay local and ride some curbs or beach access ramps, which I’ll be honest, I always live to do.
I’ve also attached some shots of photos I snapped from recent adventures, As well as one of me snapping a photo of a pretty decent sized alligator.
 Mark Mulville

January 4, 2018


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