August 31, 2015

Mulville. Pittsburgh. Again

After spending many years off and on in Pittsburgh, It has definitely gained a huge spot in my heart.
Not only is it full of amazing Bmx spots, beautiful landscape, good eats and great bands, but it is full of some of my best friends that I’ve ever met!
It has been a little over 3 years since I lived in Pittsburgh, PA. and since then, I have only had a few very short stops through town for maybe a day or two tops.
So after chatting with the good folks here at Profile, I was able to make it possible to do a solid 5 day stay in the city of champions.

This adventure started right as I landed, as I saw my best pal: Bobby Valentines car outside of baggage claim. I was already super excited to see that he was there awaiting my arrival, but to my surprise, I seen another good pal of mine and Bmx legend: Nutter ( who was staying in the Burgh only a few days) step outside Bob’s car. My excitement definitely grew and grew and I was getting more anxious waiting for my damn bags to hurry the hell up!
Finally the bags come out and I am greeted with another one of my favorite people waiting in Bob’s car: The newly Green Card official Chaz Mann from England!
We got straight into riding pretty quickly after my arrival at a cool local metal park called Sheraden, where we were meet up with by another amazing Pittsburgh pal: Mark Potoczny!
Well needless to say, This was only the start of one of the best trips I’ve had to date!

Each and every day was stacked to the brim with Bmx, friends and the best times together!
Day two was spent firstly at the amazing indoor BIKE park there called: The Wheel mill. Bob V. Mark P. and myself were soon met up with by Cameron Nicols and another Bmx legend: Kris Bennett. We spent a good few hours just ripping around each room and tiring ourselves out pretty heavily. But in no way was it a bad idea. The amazing day two was topped off by a BBQ at the Bennett’s house with non stop laughs and good times.

The next few days were spent mainly in the Woods of Pittsburgh getting in a little bit of shovel work with the boys and riding some of the best jumps I’ve ever rode!
One of the nights happened to be during a fest in the Burgh called Bike Pittsburgh. During this fest, one of my favorite bands who happen to be local called: “Grand Piano” were playing there that night too. As always they put on a badass show and they were nice enough to give Bob and me permission to use of of their songs for my Profile Web edit from the trip.

I can’t thanks all my buddies in the woods for all the hard work they’ve put in and sculpting perfect jumps! Thanks so much Ryan Popple, J, Scott, Mark Potoczny, Tom Arkus, Mike Cottle, Chaz Mann, Brian Yeagle, Zoolander, Shafer and Cole for letting me enjoy the works of art and for all the good times!
Thanks to Everyone else involved in making this trip such an amazing time and huge thanks to Profile for getting there, Bobby and Jolie Valentine for the non stop hospitality and again, Bobby for filming / editing my Profile edit, making me “Best Man” at your wedding and being one of the best people I’ve ever met.
– Mark M.

August 31, 2015


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