August 6, 2015

Mulville: Profile Racing Woodward Week

Just recently I spent the week at Woodward Camp for another year of Profile Racing week.
As I expected, it was an amazing time of adventure, hanging out and riding with campers for almost 12 hours a day. All the other visitors, staff and campers were such a blast to cruise and chat with, that it made leaving after one week pretty difficult for sure..
As for Profile, we also had Riley Jordan and Leandro Moreira on location all week, as well as special guests: Nathan and Lukas Halahan, Mike “hollywood” Broncato and some super good and awesome staff rider there such as Jimmy Smith, all killing it and being rad to be around.
All in all, this was amazing time for sure and I couldn’t thank Dave Malinski, Will Thompson, Josh McElwee, Justin Benthien, Brent Hile, Darin, Evan Smedley, Riley, Flavia, Leandro, The staff, campers and most of all Profile Racing and Woodward Camp for having me again.
-Mark Mulville

August 6, 2015


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