January 28, 2016

Mulville: The New Year.

My month of January has been eventful, to say the least.
This first month of 2016 has mainly involved Bmx, some surf and a lot
of wildlife adventures.
I had the privilege to get a few Bmx demos in with Rob Nollie and the
Bmx Trickstars, doing some school shows, monster truck shows and other
events. Those are always a blast! Everyone is so pumped, which then
pumps us up. Plus, watching Rob ride on a regular basis is pretty

Many of my adventures this month (and most months) involved
alligators.. Growing up in Florida, I’ve always been interested in
those prehistoric creatures. Even though they can crush you instantly
to your death, they are typically very calm and lazy…… So, I
always like to see how close I can get to them. I had some good
encounters recently, hanging out about 2 feet from a few of those 7 or
8 foot bad boys.

One of the best parts of this past month was my visits to the woods.
The trails always bring a side to Bmx out that no other does, in my
head at least. It’s a place where nothing else matters, except what’s
going on right then in those woods. Friends, bikes, jumps, the
occasional brew and just solid laughs and good times.

All in all, I guess you can say 2016 is off to a superb start. Looking
forward to what’s next in this amazing year of the monkey.

Mark Mulville

January 28, 2016


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