July 15, 2016

Mulville: The White Mountains and Beyond.

I’ve spent the entire first half of July in New Hampshire, doing Bmx
demos 3 times a day at Canobie Lake Park with the Bmx TrickStars.
Definitely a nice change from the Florida summer, with some days
getting as low as 60 degrees!
We were lucky enough to have Monday’s off of shows, so that’s when the
adventures went down.
The first adventure took us to the coast of Maine, which was pretty
rad for sure. We ate some Maine lobster, had some chowder, and chilled
at a super nice beach! My favorite part was the lighthouse off the
The absolute best part of the trip was when my good friends Vic and
Cara picked me up and took me on an adventure! We started at highland
Mtb park, riding trails and hanging with an amazing crew, then took
off to the white mountains of New Hampshire. We hiked up some
waterfalls, and chilled in the lush woods and mountains for a while,
before making our way back to reality.
Over all, this was an amazing trip!
I gotta thank Canobie Lake Park, the Bmx TrickStars crew, and Vic and
Cara from circuit Bmx shop for everything.

– Mark M.

July 15, 2016


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