January 5, 2015

Mulville: Wooded Winter Update.

Even though I have lived most of my Bmx riding life in Florida, and know the way of the weather, it’s still crazy to look at other places right now, just days before Christmas and see snow and below freezing temperatures, while we are down here riding trails and shirtless!
With that said: I took a 40 min drive south this past Saturday to check out my buddies jumps he invited me to, and they were surely a treat!
Nice flowing and poppy jumps you can either just cruise through and relax, or pull up and boost around. Either way it was a super good time and I know I will be back with a shovel and more good times. Thanks Ryan Mcgary for putting in work and the invite to the woods.
Photos by: David Gibson
And myself.

Nac Nac at noon

First time over the skyway in almost a decade

Nac seat grab

Getting whippy

Artsy shot I took of Ryan Mcgary through the trees. Boosting his MTB

January 5, 2015


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