May 29, 2013

Mulville’s Costa Rican update and edit

I recently just spent 10 days in Costa Rica to enjoy the sites and to ride the “1st Annual Coffee Trails Jam” in Orosi Valley Costa Rica! The first few days were spent in rural CR in the middle of the mountains and coffee farms. My buddy Sebastian Chavez happens to Run a coffee farm there and on his farm he has some really good trails.

So I spent those days working on jumps and jumping a bunch while Courters took photos and relaxed!

We wanted to visit the beach and the rainforest as well which was 3 hours away, but Sebastian was busy with work so he could not take us. He ended up lending us his old van which I drove through the mountains and city’s and beaches of Costa Rica.

It was definitely the scariest driving experience I’ve ever had, but we made it there and back with no real issues.

While at the beach in Manuel Antonio, I got to surf a bunch and we did some hikes through the rainforest seeing loads of wild animals such as Monkeys, Sloths and more…

The trip was a great success and i cannot wait to go back!

Thanks to all the locals and everyone who helped us out while in CR, especially thanks to “Fillo” in Manuel Antonio and to “Sebastian” for helping the BMX scene a lot!

May 29, 2013


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