October 3, 2014

#NewEnglandJamChowda Part #3

Seth Bernard: Fat Trax. 180 Lookback over the Circuit Spine.

I met so many rad people, yet so many forgotten names. This dude ruled. Tech wizard. 180 hand plant

Another rad dude who’s name I didn’t catch. Early flat session.

Degroot: Mid Bar Flip.

Greg Rooke: Fat Trax. Fufanu at the end of the day as this quarter/sub set up was literally falling apart.

Bobby Proctor: Might be the nicest dude in bmx. Turndown Circuit Style.

Thanks again to Chuck at the Daily Grind for all his hard work.
#NewEnglandJamChowda RIP. 2012 to 2014.

October 3, 2014


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