January 18, 2016

Not sure where to begin?

December 16th, 2016 was the second stop of the FL-BMX series at the Skatepark of Tampa hosted by Profile Racing. If you want to get technical, it was actually the 10th anniversary of the infamous SPoT Roast.
Perfect weather, dialed turn out (102 entries), possibly the most wild moves to date for any FLBMX Stop?
To say I love our scene is an understatement. We got a good thing going here, and, in all honestly, it only seems to be getting better.

I’m not sure a narrative will properly describe the event. So here is selection #1 of 2 posting, consisting of photos I shot over the course of the weekend. Brett Rolfing will be following it up with one, possibly two edits covering the event.
Yea, it was THAT good.

Excuse the indoor photos, SPoT is an anomaly for the shutter and without flashes (or knowing what anyone was planning during their runs) made the actual contest lines difficult to shoot.

Enjoy. Thanks to our loyal sponsors.
And thank you for being a part of our incredible scene. Much more to come…

-Matt Coplon

January 18, 2016


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