July 18, 2016

NoWear’s BYOB Finals: WineGlass Ramps.

On Saturday, July 9th, we drove up to Fredonia, Kansas to check out NoWear’s BYOB series finals. Profile has been a long time sponsor, and we were well over due for a visit.
NoWear is the brain child of Karl Hinkley, which has become one the hubs of the Midwest/Plains bmx scene. Thanks to Karl for all he’s contributed, and thanks to David McGinnis for creating/hosting the jam in his yard: The infamous Wine Glass ramps (Arguably one of the best backyard set ups we’ve ever seen).
Thanks for an amazing time, surrounded by amazing people with dialed Vibes.
-Matt Coplon

Karl Hinkley in his element. Thanks for all you do…

The architect of the Wine Glass Ramps: Dave McGinnis

Fredonia Ramps 1

Fredonia Ramps 2

Jacob Thiem: Whip on the 8ft.

Spencer Sullivan

Spencer Sullivan: Tuck..

Cole Mason, Nac Seat Grab

July 18, 2016


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