February 19, 2020

One small step for Jared Eberwein

“So another knee surgery in the books for me, this marks number four. I know surgery always technically is a bad thing, but there is always good in it obviously. To feel better! haha. I know I went in for another knee surgery, but I typically describe it as best case scenario, which is JUST a clean up. Nothing really needs to recover besides the trauma of just going in to clean up. I had some scar tissue in there from wear and tear, and past knee surgeries I’d say. My very first knee surgery was the bad one, torn ACL and meniscus. The three surgeries that have followed after that, have been on the same knee, and all of the three have been a ‘Clean up’ surgery. This past one was a tiny bit different, versus aches and pains like in the past. My knee had been popping on me, randomly, specifically when I would make left turns. Not every left turn, but whenever it DID happen, it was from turning left.

The MRI came back, and my doctor wasn’t very detailed but he did actually say that it may be a little different then just scar tissue only. Report may have said cyst or something like that, but what we took away from that report was basically like a ball of scar tissue. My doctor wasn’t positive in the diagnosis of that, but with the report and my symptoms, it seemed close. I went in for surgery, everything went as planned, in and out super fast, badda bing badda boom. I had a follow up with my doctor 6 days later, and the first thing he says when he walked into my room: “Well does your knee feel better!?”

I sort of answered, “well its only been 6 days, but I kind of guess so.” He laughed, and proceeded to tell me that it definitely should because you had a Cyclops. A cyclops is a rare case he said that doesn’t happen very often at all. It’s like I said earlier, it’s basically a ball of scar tissue. Which was in the middle of my “knee hinge” if you will, my knee was trying to operate and the cyclops was causing my knee to roll over it sometimes. Which would be my experience of “popping”. My doctor said that cyclops are in a lot of literature for doctors, but rare to come by. I think he mention in all his years of doing what he does (maybe 20 plus) he’s only dealt with a few he can recall. Needless to say, my knee is now on the mend, without any cyclops trying to take me down.”

February 19, 2020


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