August 1, 2012

PA Trip Day 3

Hey guys-another amazing day at camp. Kids love us, the bmx coordinators are super into us, and everyone is really thankful and hospitable.

Plus, we as a team are really bonding and having a blast. Profile and Madera are sitting real good here. This is what I have for today, my reception sucks so I’ll have the guys send over the photos: Profile at Woodward, day #2. Had another early start today. Started riding spine mini early and until noon, then headed over to the “launch pad” which has some of the most creative real street obstacles. Grant Castelluzzo and dillon Leeper killed it. Met up with the rest of the dudes late afternoon and hit up the mini mega ramp, outdoor street, and their new snake run. Every city needs to invest in one of those. Basically a pump track cascading down a hill with ledges, rails, and hips along the way. Thanks to whoever designed that thing. Half day tomorrow, mini mega ramp jam at 2pm then were off to Pittsburgh for one last session. Enjoy the photos and thanks again to everyone (especially the campers) at Woodward.

Mulville fast plant at the school.

Dillon Leeper and Matt Coplon. Noon session.

Outdoor street panoramic.

Mini Mega ramp sesh with Mulville.

Weather warning from our friend Scott Ehlert in Tampa. That’s what friends are for.

August 1, 2012


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