December 23, 2013

Park City, UT show for AWS

“Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the coldest place that I have ever been to, Park City, Utah. I was brought there to be apart of a show that was just a little over a hour with a 15 minute intermission. The company that it was for was All Wheel Sports, it is the same company that I was able to do the Knotts Berry Farm theme park shows for last summer. It was nice to be brought together again with everyone from the cast and spend a week of rehearsals for one big show. I’ve never experienced real snow fall or any type of cold that went below 0 degrees. I don’t like it at all, but it was awesome to be there because I knew it was just a visit. We had a first half and a second half to our show. First half was a bit longer, there was about 15 to 20 songs total and so many queues to remember. It can get confusing at times but always a good time. The set up was a bit tight, took some getting use to. There was couple numbers that were in the dark with a bunch of lights going off everywhere, looked a lot like tron. We put some LED lights on our wheels, I’ve dealt with two other light situations in the wheels before and the ones we used for this show were by far the lightest. Which is good! This show is fun because it’s way more then your average BMX show. There are roller bladders, scooters, gymnast, dancers, stunt teams, and aerialist. Keeps things interesting, that’s for sure. Long days and night but totally wroth it, love it all and everyone apart of it. Can’t wait for the next…”


December 23, 2013


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