April 4, 2014

#Polarsessions: 3rd Lair

If you’re ever in the Twin Cities, and need both a bmx and restaurant tour guide, Deljon Willis is your man. Del took us under his wing, brought us to a Taiwanese joint in downtown Minneapolis and dialed us in.

Decent price, more than full portions, and a ridiculously good coffee shop across the street for that caffeine: Much needed to set a second session in motion at 3rd Lair from 9pm and midnight.

Firstly, thanks to 3rd Lair for hooking it up.

Secondly, I don’t recall a scene with this many rad locals both through vibe and through absolute shred level.

Thirdly: 3rd Lair is heated. Much needed because I believe it got down to zero. At least it felt like it pedaling to the motel next door.

Fourth: The set up at 3rd Lair is incredibly dialed.

Thanks to everyone in the twin cities for their hospitality. This session was one to remember for sure.

Enjoy the pics.

Chass Uthe: Rail Hop.

Dan Kruk: Vert wall bar.

Eugene Serrato: Crank slide.

Eugene Serrato: Tooth Hanger. Did I mention how smooth Eugene is?

April 4, 2014


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