April 2, 2014

#Polarsessions: Bluff Valley

After riding into the wee-hours of Friday night, we woke up at the crack of dawn, ate at some dutch themed bakery, and loaded 7 dudes and 7 bikes into Greg Dickson’s truck to head cross-country through the snowy tundra.
How’d you like that run-on sentence? Well, that’s how the drive felt. Ha!
We spent 6 hours in the van, which, as with normal bmx trips, produced enough humorous content/inside jokes to last a lifetime.
We showed up at Bluff Valley Skatepark at about 3:30pm. Although everyone was groggy from the drive, it only took about 10 minutes for everyone to kick up the shred ampage. Locals included.
This was my second trip to Bluff Valley. Each time I’m more impressed with how clean the park is, how nice each local is, but mostly, how stoked I am to see such a rad park, well, kind of in the middle of nowhere.
Thanks to Blake Waters for the session…thanks to Kurt Hohberger and all the locals for making this another great session.

Madera’s Dan Kruk: T-bog.

Devon Scheitel. Turndown

QBP’s (QBMX) Glenn Dussl: Wild wall ride, third session in after recovering from a broken foot.

Glenn. Box annihilator. Nac-Nac at Height.

April 2, 2014


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