April 5, 2014

#polarsessions Four Seasons

By Sunday, we were all pretty exhausted. Another 6 hour drive through the Tundra to meet up at 5pm at Four Seasons, Milwaukee. Basically, our second home.

Thanks to Neil for all his support of the Milwaukee bmx scene. Thanks to Dan Bogard as well for being a kick ass shop keeper.

After riding for a couple hours, we sat back and hung out with the crew, mostly shooting photos of everyone absolutely killing it.

Thanks to everyone for an awesome trip…we’ll see you for a very condensed weekend next winter.

Dan Kruk: Superman up the step up.

Glenn Salyers is an animal. Up rail to over bar.

Jake Whitney and his family are truly awesome. Grizz over the second box.

Jake again, no-footed can with help from Greg Dickson’s flash.

Joe Battaglia: 3 dip up the step up.

Nathan Halahan: Whip at height.

Brandon Schill: No-footed can.

Glenn again. Hand Plant up the step up.

Glenn again and again. No footed over peg grab.

April 5, 2014


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