September 30, 2014

Profile Cali. Shop Tour: Stacked Stop

Profile Cali. Shop Tour: Stacked Stop.

A couple weeks ago, Larry Alvarado and the Stacked Crew organized a street ride around downtown Riverside while we were in town.
We basically did a loop around the city and covered about 6 miles of street spots with a pretty massive crew of riders.
Seriously good times.

Thanks to them for having us swing by. Looking forward to the next visit!
Here’s a cache of pics I put together as well as an edit Larry Alvarado finished last week.
Enjoy and support your local shop!

-Matt Coplon

Carlos Garcia: Bunny Hop Suicide off a grind ledge

Jacob Lockman has a pretty effortless style. Quick manual 180 in the dark.

Johny Kilmer: Not Val Kilmer’s brother, Val couldn’t do fast plants to tabes this good.

Larry Alvarado: The Man behind the Plan.

Mark Mulville: T-Bog Fakie at Dusk.

Ricky Moseley: Lawnmover followed up by a side ice to fakie.

Stacked. Boutique style at its finest. Support your local shop.

September 30, 2014


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