February 19, 2014

Profile Escape Park Tour: Day #1

After the 3rd stop in the FL-BMX series (Ft. Myers), Mulville, Grant C., and myself headed down to Miami to find out some conference had commenced. Basically, all motels in the Miami are (about 30 square miles) were booked. After sitting in a parking lot for half an hour making phone calls, we were lucky enough to snag a place on Miami Beach.

We went to bed super late, woke up super early to an 88 degree winter with high humidity, and soon after met Josh James who organized a full day’s street ride through the city.

Thanks to Josh and the awesome crew of dudes who met up and made the day quite incredible. Stay tuned for the remainder of the tour posting over the next week.


Here’s a little montage of what commenced.

Michael Otero: Bar out of the cereal bowl.

Eric Colon: Boost on quite possibly the best DIY spot.

Grant C.: Invert.

Our tour guide, Josh James, minding the gap.

Mulville: Volcano Roast.

Mulville: Lookback on a random mini ramp in a field.

Nick Carballo: Downside whip.

Nick Carballo: T-bog out of the cereal bowl.

Vinny Navy: Taking a different route to bar down.

February 19, 2014


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