February 21, 2014

Profile Escape Park Tour: Day #3

Mulville: A little bit of nothing.

Tuesday was a nice little break from waking up at the crack of dawn to ride.

Our hotel had some dialed, manually controlled waffle making machines. Over coffee, we took advantage of that sugary goodness and chilled out before a 2pm meet with Brian Fox at Mike Spinners house. At a crisp 88 degrees, we sweated and sun burnt ourselves until 5pm. Both Brian and Mulville killed the place…despite the elements working against them.

At 5pm, we went for our default sandwiches at Publix (highly recommended for the road), and then took off an hour north to the COA cement park in Jupiter. After riding with all the locals for three days, COA felt like home.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the session.

Brian Fox, flip whip at 3pm.

Matt Coplon taking shade, Brian Fox setting up for the box.

Matt Coplon: Wall Carve.

Mulville: COA, One handed tabe in the bowl.

Riley Jordan can boost. Seriously. Can at height.

Mulville: Classic picturesque Ruben.

Congrats to Terry Donley for pulling his first backflip in years about a half hour after this nosepick. Legend.

February 21, 2014


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