April 29, 2013

Profile: from Tampa to Athens to Macon

We spent the weekend dodging rain storms. Kind of funny crossing state lines and then traveling east to west in Georgia trying to make things work. Luckily, they have. Thanks to the Athens locals for showing us a great time, especially kent Pearson. And thanks to all the Macon locals for a good Sunday street session under pending stormage. Many photos to come, including a report on the trans jam that miraculously happened under predicted downpours. Here’s some photos that we grabbed. Much more to come.

-the crew at teams jam. Congrats to Ricky Moseley on 4th place.

-Dillon Leeper. Bar in Athens.

-Mulville. One footed invert at SPOA

-Jared Eberwein. Nothing at the Athens trail jam on Friday.

-Matt Coplon. Ice on the first spot in Macon.

April 29, 2013


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