February 17, 2016

Profile In Hawaii: Round 2, Part 1

As most of you know, Jared Eberwein and myself were in Hawaii at the end of January on the 2nd trip over there provided by Profile Racing. Needless to say, it was as awesome as the first time but stoked I had someone else to share it with!
We rode a half dozen skateparks, hung out with all the locals, and on our last full day, I got to take them diving with sea turtles, which for me was a walk in the park, but for people who aren’t familiar with swimming, a decent ways out into the ocean can be scary.
Jared’s mom had never been snorkeling, so she was in the first crew with his brother Sean and my lady amber…we took them out swimming and I was basically dragging Jared’s mom.
But we made it about a football field or so out and, boom!, there was about 6-8 turtles chilling on the reef.
It was rad! Everyone got their chance to see them and it was an awesome way to cap off the trip. Here’s the first batch of photos…hope you enjoy.

Photo Cred is all Jared Eberwein
– Ricky Moseley

February 17, 2016


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