July 30, 2012

Profile in Pittsburgh

Day 1: Profile in Pittsburgh. Although we were dodging storms all day, it ended up being productive and real fun cruising the streets with Mulville at the helm.

Got to watch Grant C. and Madera’s Mike Hinkens do some incredible lines. We were able to ride a ledge spot under an overhang for a couple hours. Epic session. It’s beautiful today, no chance of rain so we’ll be soaking up more sun in the streets.

1.Mulville:look back on a near perfect cobble stone quarter.

2.Hinkens:break at a bodega.

3.Group shot: rain break #2

4.Coplon: over grind to back in the city.

5.Mulville: ledge ride.

6.Coplon: oppo table hip at dusk.

Off to Woodward tonight.

Stay tuned.

July 30, 2012


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