February 9, 2020

Profile in the Wild #3 – by Dave Long

Over the course of last year, we received a couple emails from our friend Dave Long.
The messages were simple, basically “here’s some renderings I did that involve both bmx and Profile components.”
And although the intro message was simple, the drawings were detailed and complex.
So we pried, and what came about was a much more detailed thought process behind his art.
Over the next couple weeks, we’ve asked Dave to submit his favorite pieces accompanied by his narrative details on each project.
We hope you enjoy checking these out as much as we did.
Thanks for the support Dave!
Here’s Dave’s final, submission #3.
Profile in The Wild

As a collection, and often as a habit, my artistic depictions of BMX reflect the fashions of my own bikes. Like many, Profile Racing parts are my own tried-and-true components, but the aesthetics of many of the products are why I also choose to include them in my artwork. A Push stem, Mini hubset, or Galaxy sprocket for instance, are instantly recognizable from a distance… a pinnacle  many creators aspire to achieve with their work… For the theme of this collection, I wanted to capture a more subtle motif, something I‘ve titled ‘Profile in the Wild’. Often observed as a strategically placed sticker, a background banner, or the t-shirt of a supporter, ‘Profile in the Wild’ is the modest representation of a brand trusted by many…

While designed as a set for Profile Racing, each of the three illustrations pull inspiration from their own stories….

3. Street Picture (3 of 3)- One of the most divine aspects of art, is the ability to create your thoughts as visual, physical depictions. While designing this series, I wanted one to be inspired by a ‘dream trick’ -something that would be absolutely absurd to witness in person.. Much like the concept of street riding, art is omnipresent, and imagination is often the impetus to perceive…

-Dave Long

February 9, 2020


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